Because, there is a need for Zero-Tolerance against Drunk-Driving

Look at how Drunk-Driving affects the world


Life Safety

The preventive measure which could save your life once installed in your vehicle

Vehicle Security

No other person would be able to drive other than you or your set profile

Advance Technology

Options of using wireless and or wired devices that integrates with your vehicle

Wireless Interlocks

Seemless connection with Breath analyser to your ignition circuit in your vehicle

Alcohol Monitoring

Accurate and efficient monitoring of Alcohol through our devices


A product which can revolutionise road safety, with unique design and features our products are innovative

Our Products

We are bringing out next-generation Wireless Interlock devices for Vehicle Safety and Smart wearables to track and monitor

Advanced Wireless Interlock System

No cables, no fuss, intelligent and secured Wireless Interlock

Coming Soon

Advanced Wired Interlock System

The sleek and dependable Tethered Interlock

Coming Soon

In Development

Advanced Alcohol Monitoring Smart Wearable

The first Indo-Swedish company to build Alcohol Monitoring smart wearable

Coming Soon

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